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Attention Readers! ! !

Review the slides above.

You have notice what I have notice and that is how the world around us seems to be taking a turn for the worse. People are asking questions about themselves and the people around them, therefore; I will be rededicating my book, “Our Mysterious Behavior Box” with the thought of attempting to answering the major question about why others as well as ourselves do the things we do. This website will also develop ways of bringing your mind to positive thinking by energizing your brain. Our motto is “Positive Thoughts Make a Positive You".

Andrea Chapman



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Energizing Your Brain and “Our Mysterious Behavior", are merging into one website to become one of the strongest website on changing people views about the world around them. This website will help you see people and yourself in a different way.

Mysterious Behavior and Energizing Your Brain is a site to help make you feel good about yourselves and others. It is a site loaded with everyday people from around the world who are making a difference. They are willing to share their gifts, stories, talents, and life experiences. Review our inspiring thought now by clicking here.

Energizing Your Brain will be an interactive site of love, joy, kindness, determination, power, and much more. It’s like a one stop site for positive thoughts. It can energize and stimulate your brain.

Every day when you go on this site to understand your mysterious behavior you should feel motivated, encouraged, optimistic, and confident about your week because of something you have read or seen. It is designed to lead you to a healthier life by learning through others.

There will be a lot of excitement when we launch our  video classes on my book “Our Mysterious Behavior Box”  Book. Put your name on the waiting list by clicking here. The target date is in the Spring of 2019.

We will also a page dedicate to help people engage with others by kind words and a kind act. You will click on the tab that says kindness--coming soon.

You will also want to earn a little money be submitting articles, pictures or videos of very unusual events. Please don’t forget to interact on our BLOG.

The site will be changing daily. You may want to start and end your day with us. If you’re having a down day, click on our site.

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