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Greeting Customers

It's time to give back

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Time for our customers to give back.

CCI request donations only twice a year—January and June.

We are an organization who believes in helping others. As you will notice this is a "free" Website offering free services for your physical health, peace of mind, encouragement, and educational training.

We are a self-supporting organization.  We are now on Facebook.  

Become a part of what we are doing to help our community at large, by sending your contributions by check, credit card, money order, cash app, Zella.    If paying by check or money order, it should be made payable to "Chapman Cares, Inc., P.O. 442158 Box , Ft. Washington, MD 20749.

We appreciate your support.

Continue to use our Website as a means of improving the quality of your life. Share this Website with others.

Special Notice to Businesses

Many of your employees are having a hard time dealing with everyday life situations. We encourage you to use our site for your employees to help them start their day in a very positive way. Allow your employees fifteen minutes before they start their workday to go to our site. We believe it will help them with their attitudes, negative thoughts, and interactions. This is just a suggestion.

Again, this is a free Website, therefore; any contributions you would like to make would be greatly appreciated.

Sponsor by Chapman Cares, Inc.,

Thank You,

Teddy and Andrea Chapman




Reasonable Changes

Chapman Cares, Inc.

P O Box 442158

Ft. Washington, MD 20749

Phone: 301-449-1181



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