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Watch for upcoming topics!


There will be a lot of interaction on each topic.  You will have time to share and talk about your life experiences on each topic.

  • Super People --  Are you that person? At what cost have you had to pay to be a super person to everyone?
  • Always wanted to do --  What have you always wanted to do, but have—why ?
  • Being kind --  What wrong with being kind to each other?  I will be talking and doing a lot of things on kindness on my website. We have dedicated one of our pages on "Unexpected Kindness”. You will be getting involved with our kindness campaign to showing kindness can be an everyday life long behavior. We can show the world that it does work, and it can happen. 
  • Do something Silly once in a while  --   What do I mean silly--do something outside of your box.
  • So what, that you don't have much money. There are many things you can do without having a lot of money--things that are fun, exciting, and fulling.
  • You are important. It's okay to do things just for you—it doesn’t mean you are a selfish person. There are some people who think they are not important; some counselor call it low self-esteem.
  • Think positive  -- Do you have a negative attitude?  Maybe you have been in the negative so  long that you don't know what it is to be positive.
  • Vacation  --  I know of people haven’t taken a vacation in years. What is a real vacation?
  • You are not relax  -- What does relaxation mean? Do I know how to relax?