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Our Welcome Letter


I am going to fast forward the chitter chatter and get to the point.

My name is Andrea Chapman, and I am excited about an organization I have joined to help people like you and myself with our financial needs. Before your mind get started, it’s not a pyramid, not a scam, no products or services to sell—Lord knows I been in enough of those. I have organized a team called the Flying Doves, which allow each one of us to help each other by donating funds

If you want the short and quick, bottom-line here it is:

There is a wheel with names of people donating money to help people reach their financial goals—personal or business. As you can see from the left diagram, you see an outer wheel—red (8 sections), second circle gold (4 sections) yellow (2 sections) and green (1 section).

The green circle is important, and that is the place you want to be. When everyone donates money to the red it push people to the center. The green is the place you will receive your donations.

The responsibly of each person is to pay a one-time admin fee of $12.00 and their first $25.00 donation, plus get two people doing the same.

The beginning, we have three type of wheels.

When you donate $25.00 to the (the red) wheel you can get up to $200.00 in donations, the $50.00 wheel you can get up to $400.00 in donations, and a $100.00 wheel you get up to $800 donations. It worked for me and others who are now getting their donations money.

Friend, that is it in a nutshell. We all need extra money, most of us need to get out of debt and or business goals. I would not get anyone involved if it didn’t work.

I also have a group financial goal for special projects.  For example, if you have a church group, club or sorority and they have a goal of $2500.00 or more allow me to share with you how it can be done by your members and other contributing donations.

I know some of you many have questions, so please call me so I can go over this in more details at 301-449-1181. Call Today.



If you like additional information contact us 

Reasonable Changes

Chapman Cares, Inc.

P O Box 442158

Ft. Washington, MD 20749

Phone: 301-449-1181



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